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Ryo Flip

[Drama] Tokyo Ghost Trip (東京ゴーストトリップ)


Setsu and Souwa are members of the Inui family, descended from itako. Their high school graduation is coming up, but the head of the Inui family suddenly runs away. Their older brother Kai, a priest who studied exorcism abroad, becomes their guardian, and Setsu and Souwa are forced to take over the family business of dealing with spirits. -- Tokyograph.

Tokyo Ghost Trip is a drama about Itako ( Spirit Summoners) The Inui Family is a very popular and powerful Itako family, but the main branch was driven out of the main house. Now they have to earn their way back to the main house and pay off their debt using spirit summoning. They help spirits loved one of the deceased to talk to each other to gain closure. It is a comical, touching and really light drama with ikemen characters.

This is taken from a manga of the same name. In the manga this is the summary:

The Inui family came from a long history, about 300 years back. Inui Souwa and Inui Setsu are twins who are staying together. They go to school like any other high schoolers do but they are different. Setsu is a gambler and he is a priest who can summon any spirit or ghost. Souwa, on the other hand, doesn't believe in any supernatural phenomenon or spirits, etc. because they are not scientifically proven. He also refuses to inherit his family business even though he actually acts as a medium for spirits to possess.

When Souwa's mother went travelling and did not pay the tax, both the cousins had to work it off to earn the huge amount of money. Of course, they have nothing but their family business to rely on. But will they make a good pair when all Souwa believes is that they are actually cheating the customers? What about Setsu with the "yin yang eye" who is extreme and dominating?


Inui Setsu - JURI

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Juri was there as well. ((Juri played Jin Akutsu in Prince of Tennis Musicals side Yamabuki and he was very effective)) I almost didn't recognize him because he has long hair now (and kinda looked like Akanishi Jin). He plays the lead character Set-chan/ Setsu Inui a powerful Itako who says "There is no spirit I cannot summon." Generally, he was very comical in this drama. (^_^) and he can kick serious ass.

Inui Sowa - Yagami Ren

Yagami blew me away. I mean. His character was mainly stoic and very quiet and says nothing but "Niku" but he is very convincing in his role as Sowa, the 2nd brother and partner of Setsu. He acts as the host body of the spirit and really doesnt believe in spirits because he never sees them.

Yagami's role here might sound really boring but he plays a very VERY important role in the drama- not only as the host body but also as Setsu's most important person.

Inui Komyou - Yoshikazu Kotani

Now, allow me to fangirl and squeal. This was the main reason why I watched the drama and YES, it was worth it. To all Kotani Fangirls TGT is a total must watch!! Why? Because Konnii plays the all adorable Inui Komyou the youngest among the Inui brothers who returned from America where he was working for the FBI as their resident ESP person. He is headstrong, very childlike and cute - even when he is older than most of the actors in the drama. He played the 14 YEAR OLD HUMAN GPS role very well.

OMG. I squealed when I saw him. Can he be Komyou forever? He is such an adorable brat! I mean look at this?! I thought he was versatile but he could be limited to roles but this changed my mind. WHy? Because he actually played a child here! <3 Komyou.. can I keep you?


Inui Kai - Kiriyama Renn

Kai is the manager of the Inui brothers. He takes care of them and mothers them. Somehow, he is the one who knows the most about them and the one who carries the weight of the responsibility in his hands.

Honestly he reminds me of Yuya Tegoshi. Maybe it's the hair. It reminds me of the Hoshi Wo Mezashite Yuya.. :) But really, Ren is pretty good in this drama. I wish to see more of his work soon. :) I guess the tegoshi thing stayed with me throughout the drama.. heehee...

Inui Ryu -Takiguchi Yukihiro

Ryu is the cousin who became part of their team. He is from the branch family but he has the same powers as Setsu. He is strict and is the "megane" character in the drama (every one has to have one right?) He's got a cool attitude and a pretty face but that's it. This character is pretty boring. Actor's cute though...hmmm...

Kitano Isuzu- Baba Ryoma

Baba Ryoma annoyed me to bits in this drama. He looks like Nakamaru Yuichi from KAT-TUN. I just want to smack this annoying character. I don't know why I just dont like him here. He plays the part of a living spirit who refuses to come back to his body. He becomes kind of their helper and serves the Inui Family.

[[ Marikit's Thoughts  ]]

Mainly, I watched this because I heard that Yoshikazu Kotani was there. I thought I was going to be bored to bits but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, once I started, I didnt stop - it was very entertaining, There was a balance of comedy, action and drama and it was amusing to say the least. So far , it has become one of my favorites from the list that I've watched. It's sooo entertaining. It's fun to watch and definitely I will not get tired of it anytime soon.

I mean, who would with this:

I know I wont!! <3

Definitely a 9/10


(coming soon)