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Apr. 6th, 2020

Shige- Killer Purr

Welcome to marikitpvs!

Welcome to[info]insane_desire  's video commentary journal.
In this blog, she will commentary on various music videos, dramas, video clips and more.
It includes massive fangirling, video downloads and links, information and more.
Comments are appreciated and Loved.
 because I'm a comment whore

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
and then FANGIRL WITH ME! 

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Sep. 1st, 2010

Shige- Killer Purr

[PV] TOKIO NaNaNa~ Taiyou Nante Irane

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa....Collapse )

Aug. 24th, 2010

Shige- Killer Purr

Short Drama Reviews


I have been watching a lot of dramas lately again. I finished most of the series that have been pending in my pile and I updated my collection to the latest dramas that I want to watch and added some others that I meant to watched. I have watched quite a few (ok.. my collection includes 122 separate titles ) and I have watched a few in Cruchy Roll/ My soju. So I thought maybe I should put down some thoughts on the recent dramas I have seen - or at least the ones that I liked the most.

Ohkura Tadayoshi/Yasuda Shota
ROMES Collapse )

JURI/Yagami Ren/ Yoshikazu Kotani/ Kiriyama Renn

Seto Kouji/ Kamakari Kenta

Happy BoysCollapse )

Boys Love 2
Yoshikazu Kotani

Boys Love 2Collapse )

Aiba Hiroki/Takumi Saito
SukitomoCollapse )

Boku no Hatsukoi kimi no Ageru
(I Give my first love to you)
Inoue Mao/Okada Masaki
I give my first love to youCollapse )

Ninii no Koto Wasurenaide
(Don't Forget Niinii)
Nishikido Ryo/ Yamada Ryosuke

NiniCollapse )

April Bride

April BrideCollapse )

Ikuta Toma/Eita/ Endo YUya

VOiceCollapse )

I hope you enjoyed my little review. I will review again soon. :) And yes, I am back.

Ryo Flip

[Drama] Tokyo Ghost Trip (東京ゴーストトリップ)


Setsu and Souwa are members of the Inui family, descended from itako. Their high school graduation is coming up, but the head of the Inui family suddenly runs away. Their older brother Kai, a priest who studied exorcism abroad, becomes their guardian, and Setsu and Souwa are forced to take over the family business of dealing with spirits. -- Tokyograph.

Tokyo Ghost Trip is a drama about Itako ( Spirit Summoners) The Inui Family is a very popular and powerful Itako family, but the main branch was driven out of the main house. Now they have to earn their way back to the main house and pay off their debt using spirit summoning. They help spirits loved one of the deceased to talk to each other to gain closure. It is a comical, touching and really light drama with ikemen characters.

more...Collapse )

Cast listCollapse )

[[ Marikit's Thoughts  ]]

Mainly, I watched this because I heard that Yoshikazu Kotani was there. I thought I was going to be bored to bits but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, once I started, I didnt stop - it was very entertaining, There was a balance of comedy, action and drama and it was amusing to say the least. So far , it has become one of my favorites from the list that I've watched. It's sooo entertaining. It's fun to watch and definitely I will not get tired of it anytime soon.

I mean, who would with this:

I know I wont!! <3

Definitely a 9/10


(coming soon)

Jul. 27th, 2009

Shige- Killer Purr


I fell in love with Marathon. I do not usually watch 24 Hour specials - only when people I like are there but it was in my hard drive and since I was sick and had nothing to do, I had turned it on and it was such a great thing that I did. Now, I am kicking myself for not having watched it for such a long time.

First of all, props to Ninomiya Kazunari for such an awe inspiring acting job. It was NOT easy, what he did. To act like an autistic child (or in Nino's case, it might be actually normal) *gets kicked* But it was what he did, he acted so convincingly that I forgot that he was in fact one of Japan's most loved Idols from ARASHI. He deserves an award for that. :) Not that i doubted his acting skills, I have loved watching him in Yamada Taro (one of my all time favorite dramas) and Ryusei no Kizuna( though I admit i watched that one coz Ryo-chan was adorable in it). He has such skill in internalizing and making the character real. Admirable.

Second, the story just made me smile. It was amazing that a 9 year old AUTISTIC child could do that. I mean, seriously, I couldn't even run the 800 meter:) at least without cheating. (( yeah, yeah, I cheated my way out of it in High school)) It was a story about achieving what people say is the impossible and focusing on your dream, even if people say you can't do it.

I want to be shoutaro. I want to be running towards my dreams. Following my own rainbow, going through them and catching my own luck. I think tht would be just awesome.

May. 30th, 2008

Shige- Killer Purr

[PV] KAT-TUN: Don't You Ever Stop

Don't you Ever StopCollapse )
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May. 22nd, 2008

tegoshi- hoshi

[PV] Ai Ai Kasa

The rain doesn't stop....Collapse )
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Apr. 27th, 2008

Ryo Flip

Summertime PV Review (under construction)


currently uploading to MU 
SUBBED VERSION by [info]akirashocksubs

This new release from NEWS was hyped for so long because of their Russ-K commercials. Honestly, I didn't really think much about it. I thought that it was going to be one of those overproduced PVs like KAT-TUN's LIPS or something kind of eccentric like weeeek ( though I did love that PV) But I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

[It kind of makes up for the fact that I waited til dawn for this PV's release in Break Point! but it didn't happen. WTF, Kitagawa! Whats with that faulty schedule?]


nice healthy boys


[Unknown LJ tag]
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Apr. 1st, 2008

Shige- Killer Purr

[j-drama] Romeo and Juliet- Jurie Chigai (NTV, 2007)

Romeo and Juliet" is about a female college student Juri Kihira and an injured young man (Hiromichi) she meets on the street. They fall in love, not knowing that the girl's police detective chief father is in the midst of a manhunt to find the young man's physician father, who is wanted for murder.

Its a human drama that stars Takizawa Hideaki from Tackey and Tsubasa. ( Of course, a senpai of Johnny's Entertainment) I watched this mainly because I saw that he acted in it. I justa wanted to see Mr. Takizawa's acting skills and angelic face. ^.~

Alright, so he wasnt that HOT as an actor. I prefer him belting out songs on stage and acting like the dork he is. It's more natural for him. His acting in Romeo and Juliet seems forced and unnatural, his face registers almost no emotion. needless to say, it was boring. The only thing that got me through it was the fact that I was bored and there was nothing else to do and taht there was Tackey on my screen.

The girl was a little better though, though amateur. I swear I have seen her in another film before.Thats right. She was in Proposal Daisakusen and Dragon Zakura. She was better in DZ. I dont know about Prodai. I havent finished it.

Anyway, I liked the ending set of Romeo and Juliet. The scene by the church with falling autumn leaves. It's so romantic. The story flowed slowly...and its good enough for a TV special. Its a good watch for when you have nothing much to do and want a little romance and human drama in your life.

I give it 3 stars, because Tackey was cute.
Shige- Killer Purr

[j-drama] Stand Up (TBS, 2003)

This is a story about four friends find themselves the last virgins left at school. During the summer holidays, a girl they knew as children 11 years ago, moves back to the neighborhood. Despite their childhood attraction to her, they realize she is a mere shadow of the "princess" they all thought they knew. This story of summer - love, friendship, school, family, the hypocrisy of adults, complications of life, experience and failure is set in an everyday shopping district and shows the clumsiness of children who have developed a little later than their peers. It's a bright romantic comedy that both young and old can appreciate.

I thought I should watch it just because some of my favorite actors and actresses are there in the drama. It was Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari and NEWS' Yamashita Tomohisa. The plot didn't interest me, but I watched anyway because I wanted to see how these 4 unlikely actors would have chemistry on screen. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a fun drama to watch, especially when you are sick and there is nothing to do.

Ninomiya's innocent face was convincing. Yamashita was a little bland, as he acts the same way he does in all his dramas. Oguri Shun was funny and Hiroki was... well Hiroki. I think they played each role pretty well.

Suzuki Anne ( I watched her in Ganbatte Ikkimasshoi!) was pretty good too. She wasnt as pretty, but she had quite a charm to her. Overall, its a good enough summer drama to fill up time, but its not anything mind blowing.

Though, fans of Yamashita Tomohisa may like this drama. Also, I bet Ninomiya's fans too. I never really liked him until now. ^_^ Well, I'll check him out in Yamada Taro Monogatari and see if I was right about him!

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